E100 day 5- stop your babbling!

So am I already failing in my attempt to post every day, or am I instead simply recognising that I just won’t do it because of other commitments? And rather than trying to force myself into it and feeling guilty for failing my own expectations, it may be better to do what I can, to enjoy doing it, and to do it well…

‘Slacker’ I hear you reply, ‘you’re a vicar and you only work one day a week.’ Which may be true, but all that coffee doesn’t just drink itself, you know.

Anyway, enough of that, and back to where we should be- Genesis chapter 11, looking at the tower of Babel. Or rather, looking at the ruins where it stood, or maybe even just looking at the pile of materials that never got turned into a tower… first question I have, did they actually build much of it?

Second question, what on earth is going on here? We were trying to think it through… people are trying to do something, based on their own confidence, and God seems to be unhappy about it… are we to understand that God doesn’t like the idea of humanity achieving anything without his input, which seems rather petty, or is it something else? Is it to do with arrogance, with seeking to make ourselves into gods and masters of our own destiny, with a refusal to acknowledge that the heavens are beyond our reach?

And the whole language thing- God decides to cause confusion to stop humanity from doing anything further… rather than reading this as, again, petty God wanting to stop us from achieving, maybe it’s that God saw their first plans and understood that if people no longer acknowledged anything as having authority over them, then what would stop them from destroying the whole world on a whim… I don’t know, I’m just thinking here.

And then I’m reminded of how this passage is bookended by the events of Pentecost- on that day people from all over are able to understand each other because of the power of God’s Holy Spirit… the day of unbabbling, when foreign languages no longer divided them… and when it happened, all heaven broke loose and thousands of people recognised the truth of God in their lives.

Which was pretty cool.


One thought on “E100 day 5- stop your babbling!

  1. “rather than trying to force myself into it and feeling guilty for failing my own expectations, it may be better to do what I can, to enjoy doing it, and to do it well…” – this is such a valuable concept. Rather than feel guilty about what we’re not able to achieve from the long list of musts and should isn’t it better to concentrate on making sure we value and make the most of the things we do do. I truly believe that by doing that, we are more free and in turn achieve much more good from the fewer things we do.
    I struggle with the idea of God’s intentions in the story of the Tower of Babel. It is very easy to see God as the unfair parent stopping is from doing what we want. But I do think there is far more meaning to it and like this initial exploration into that meaning. More musing on that point please!

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