The western curse

Really good post here… thought provoking stuff that challenges our apathy.

Bryan Patterson's Faithworks

THE banalities spoken about God are often linked with global suffering, the death of children etc.

Clearly the Earth is in agony. But it doesn’t help to explain it away by blaming God, or to claim the death of children proves he couldn’t exist.
The suffering reinforces extreme reactions.

Many people who do not believe in God in the first place seize on the death of children as further evidence that he does not exist.
In the East, there has not been much anti-religious defiance in the form of “How could God do this to us?’’. It’s a Western curse.

Destructive earthquakes regularly take place in Bangladesh and India, but Westerners show little interest in them.
Undeserved pain, disease, and death are daily facts of life for hundreds of millions of people on the planet. Billions of people, rich and poor, weak and strong, have suffered and died senselessly.


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