Prayer Workshops 3- praying with others

We were joined for the evening by my good friend Jim Ware from the North Devon House of Prayer, and he facilitated our time together. I’ve typed up his outline notes below… read, enjoy, use, and of course pray.

Prayer workshops summer 2014- session 3: How and Why do I pray with others?

Facilitated by Jim Ware, of NDHOP, hosted by Andy Dodwell

Working through some principles, and then putting them into practice…

1-      Who are we talking to? Most of us will be more comfortable praying to God as one of Father, Son or Holy Spirit- this is possibly linked to whether we have had stronger positive relationships with our father, mother or siblings. Whichever it is, we want to recognise and work with those strengths, whilst also acknowledging that we can all talk to all 3 persons of the Trinity.

2-      The Bible has a place in our prayer life, as inspiration, a guide, and also a reference point for things we think are answered prayer- God won’t contradict his Word. If we’re ever wondering where to start in a prayer time with others, the Lord’s Prayer is a comprehensive prayer that every Christian can share.

3-      What if I don’t agree with what’s been/being prayed? If its something that I’m not comfortable with, or is obviously off the page? Simple- at that point, just don’t ‘Amen’ it. Leave any further discussion or response, of whatever sort, to a later time and to those who’ve authority to do that.

4-      God’s creative word and existing commands- he’s already told us to heal the sick, raise the dead, cast our demons and make disciples… do we continue to ask for direction when its already been given?

5-      Worship and prayer- what is the difference? How do the two flow into each other and work together… Daniel 9 gives an example of one leading to the other.

6-      Personal stuff- where am I coming from in my prayers; regional stuff- what is going on in this area? Getting straight on these things, whether its about confession or praying specifically into things that need restoring or challenging.

7-      Our place of authority- Ephesians 2.6 and Psalm 91 as useful Scripture for this.

8-      Our own hearts vs God’s heart. Don’t be proud, but be humble. God’s love is prodigious and for the prodigals- don’t stop it.

9-      Quenching the spirit, and operating from God’s presence- don’t let our own spirit rule, but God’s

10-   Practical points for small group prayer:

  1. Setting the scene- are people feeling free and safe?
  2. The destination- we’re entering into God’s presence to bring things before him and to listen to him
  3. How are we going to get there?- tell people what the overall structure of the time will look like
  4. Praying the Scriptures- using verses from the Bible to start our prayer time and inspire our prayers
  5. Waiting on God- silence is not to be feared
  6. Encourage one another- if someone prays out loud for the first time or shares something they feel God has given them.

11-   Hearing from God- make sure you’re asking:

Jesus let me not be deceived

Jesus what do you think about this?

Jesus what do you think about me?


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