10 years ago today I married my best friend and she was foolish enough to marry me. We celebrated in the church 50yds from my house and then had a big party in a friend’s field overlooking the sea in perfect weather. It was standing room only and the first dance was something that had to be seen- especially as we hadn’t practiced. As the evening drew to a close our friends packed the car with things they thought we’d need- toothpaste, breakfast cereal, straw, and then off we went, into the great adventure.

Today we celebrated again, in a different way- watching the footage with our 3 children, eating a family lunch round the table in the middle of a busy day…

Last weekend many of my family came together to celebrate 50yrs of my own parents marriage. I know that not every marriage lasts and some clouds have no silver lining, I know that life is sometimes not like a box of chocolates but a pile of something else… I’m not a fool.

Today, as I’m celebrating, I don’t know whether you’ve a long lasting relationship to look back on, or a career high or exams, or whether for you the celebration is simply that you’ve made it through this week without being the victim of crime or casual abuse, or just that right now you’re not in pain… I hope that you’ll be able to take a moment to find something to celebrate in your own life, and to look beyond yourself and celebrate with others too, in the midst of this messed up world we live in.


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