No More Christian Nice Guy

As we’re starting our overview of the New Testament, here’s a challenging read about the character of Jesus. Today I’m reading the prologue to John’s Gospel- chapter 1… read it and see what it reminds you of.

Bryan Patterson's Faithworks

YOU have to wonder why so many atheists and non-believers are obsessed with Jesus.
They keep trying to put Christ back in his tomb, but he won’t stay there
It’s clear from the history that Jesus wasn’t a wimp. He was fearless and often brash.
His message talks about love. Yet, there is part of Jesus that is often overlooked. He was a tough guy who wasn’t afraid to speak his mind or face danger.
John Coleman, in his book The Unexpected Teachings of Jesus, points out that Jesus’s teachings were provocative and challenging, often making his listeners uncomfortable. Too many people sanitised Jesus and his message, Coleman wrote.
“We try to make Jesus cuddly,” he said.
In his book No More Christian Nice Guy, Paul Coughlin wondered what Jesus would say if he turned up unannounced in some of our churches today. Coughlin said Jesus might use some of…

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