How do you spell faith?

just a brief post today…
How do you spell faith? R I S K

When your faith outweighs your fear you’re willing to take risks. When your fear outweighs your faith you don’t. Faith is what it means you put one foot out of the boat, step away from your comfort zone and go beyond what you feel ok with.

Some of us are naturally risk averse, some of us are risk controllers (that’s me) and some of us are risk embracers. The important thing about faith and risk is that when we embrace risk- jumping out of the boat, offering to pray for healing, sharing our stories of God etc, that we do it in the knowledge that God has already said ‘I’m with you in this’- that we know something of the promises he’s made.

Today, are you aware of the things that God has promised? Are you willing to put some faith in them? Are you willing to risk something?

(with thanks to Robby Dawkins)


5 thoughts on “How do you spell faith?

    1. the evening celebration- yes I was there…the bit that is stuck in my head was the story from Rome and the ministry time afterwards… I do have a faint memory of him stopping, going off-piste and then coming back, but can’t remember what he said. Why?

      1. I was watching on live streaming at home, and had been reading the passage he was preaching from before I realised it was the same passage. He gave a word to someone called “Ian”, saying that this was going to be a time of breakthrough in an unexpected way, after waiting for a long time. He seemed to be speaking to camera rather than the Arena.

        My name is Iain, and I’ve been out of work for most of this year. That day I had seen two jobs: one working for a Diocese, the other for CofE at the centre, but I had never considered church jobs before. Have applied for them both and am praying!

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