A childlike thought at harvest

Realised that I hadn’t posted anything from last Sunday- we had a guest preacher come to speak on Acts 17- one of my favourite passages… gutted that I gave it to someone else to speak on!

Anyway, I did a short children’s talk that was based around carrots, roots, small things growing into larger things etc… here’s a part of it:

At harvest time we give thanks for the amazing things that grow and the people who work so hard to prepare them for our food- we think of farmers who rear cattle, sheep, pigs, chicken, those who grow crops like our carrot and so many other things, those who work on the sea to catch fish and other seafood, and we also give thanks that God makes things to grow- that carrots are different from toys that look like carrots… In some places and at some times the harvest isn’t so much, and sometimes people can’t stay to work the fields- its not safe, and those of us who have plenty need to share with those who haven’t got enough. Harvest is a great time for thinking about what God gives us, but its also a great time to give away a little of what we have to help others.  We don’t often think about things like this- just as we can often overlook a small plant, without realising how special it is… lets just be quiet for a moment and in our hearts each of us can promise to think about others and be generous with what we have.

Have a good harvest time, be grateful for the blessings you have, and share with those who have less… give to a soup kitchen or night shelter, share a meal with a homeless person or buy the Big Issue… whatever you can do.


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