What if prayer was like txting yr m8s?

Actually, what I don’t mean by that title is that we should write all our prayers in textspeak, although there is a guy who writes Twitturgies– daily prayers in 140 characters or less.

What I’m talking about is how we send a text message, email or Facebook message to someone and have an expectation that they will receive it- and the speed with which people often responds shows just how plugged into our communications devices most of us are. So we’re expectant that our message is received, and that we will receive a reply in turn.

We’re also, to varying degrees, very comfortable sending those messages out at all times of day and as often as we want to- we might not knock on someone’s door, or phone them, but we’ll send a message with little regard to the time, or whether we’ve already sent 5 messages already today…

In all things pray continually. That’s how Paul taught about prayer. Not continuously, but continually- God never gets fed up of our prayers, and neither does he tire of their content.


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