too busy being busy to get things done…

The last week has, on a scale of busy to hectic, been right up there with the best of them. For all sorts of reasons. And most of them are of my own making. And because of them, I don’t have last Sunday’s sermon notes to post- because I didn’t really do a sermon as such… I spoke to a group of people in a bar about what Communion means and then we shared bread and wine… and that was where we worshipped last Sunday morning- in a bar tent in a field at a music festival.

I’ll be writing and posting a proper reflection on the weekend, but I wanted to share this post below, which comes from Mustard Seed Budget here. It captures something of what the team of us were attempting last weekend at the Somersault Festival, and what we try to model in our church each week… we don’t go out of our way to be imperfect or make it into a standard to aim for- ‘how imperfect are you?’ but it happens- we mess up, and somewhere in the mess, sometimes, other people are helped in their mess…

It’s the great irony of ministry: I’m far from perfect, and yet I attempt — and sometimes succeed! — in helping other imperfect people.

As ministers of God’s grace, we should never lose sight of the fact that we, ourselves, are sinners. We are NOT the inerrant voice of God. Stay humble.

The world hurls “hypocrite!” I don’t snarl in return. Because basically it’s true. Who can say it’s not? Who is without sin to throw stones?

God’s grace is such that He reaches people with His grace THROUGH imperfect people.



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