First thoughts on theology

Theology is God-talk. Talk about God. Us, trying to articulate in words (usually), our understandings and thoughts about God, in order to help those around us get a deeper/fuller/clearer idea about God.

Its also, when done by a member of a faith community (whether a Christian writing about God and Jesus or a Moslem writing about Mohammed and Allah), a way in which the writer attempts to articulate what God may be saying. So its God-talking, to us. Rarely does a theologian write ‘thus sayeth the Lord’ but generally they do hope that they’re saying something that is in alignment with the God they worship.  There is also another type of theology- sometimes called non-confessional theology, or theological criticism (or… fill in the blank); which is written by those who wouldn’t say that they are part of a particular faith community- so if I wrote about Hinduism as a Christian, I would be writing from that position.

So- I’m trying to put together my thoughts, my ideas and my words about theology, about God, and make some sense of them. I’m going to be putting all these posts under the category of ‘The Gift’ because that’s a central theme to my thinking- around how we can change our thinking about ourselves and most especially our relationship with the natural environment by considering the concept of gift. If I can then organise them onto the page of my blog with that same title, I’ll be rather pleased with myself too.

Why am I doing this? Because I have an itch, and I need to scratch it. I’ve not yet found a helpful or compelling piece of writing that covers this, and folk I’ve spoken with haven’t been able to point me to one. I’ve also just come back from a week away (New Wine) and heard a number of encouraging and challenging things that are leading me to do this. If I never put words down, then I’ve no one to blame for the lack of teaching on the environment that encourages Christians to have a strong ethic of love for the natural world without loading ourselves with more guilt. We do guilt really well, we have done for centuries, but we need also to do passion, enthusiasm, love and dynamic action- all things that Christians over the years have demonstrated exist within the Church, but somehow don’t get directed towards saving that which God said is good.

Anyway, this is just a few first thoughts, so I won’t go any further.


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