How did you get here? Why do atheists exist?

Taken from Bryan Patterson’s Faithworks blog, here’s an interesting insight into the existence of atheists… looking at the book of Job the questions that it raises include both ‘why is there suffering?’ but also ‘why is God listening to the accuser?’…

Former Chief Rabbi Explains Why God Invented Atheists

While Jonathan Sacks is a top religious leader and even served as the chief rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the British Commonwealth for more than two decades, he has a profound “respect” for the non-religious.

He calls atheists “his majesty’s loyal opposition”.

Sacks, whose new book Not In God’s Name just hit bookshelves in the U.S., sat down with HuffPost Live and discussed the important role that atheists play in countering religious believers.

“I love them. I call them his majesty’s loyal opposition. I don’t know if that phrase translates into America, but you get the point,” he chuckled.

Sacks explained that atheists can pose questions that push followers of any religion, even himself.

“Why did God invent atheists? To stop religious leaders [from] getting too big-headed, to challenge us,” he told host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani. “[They may ask], ‘If God exists, how come there’s so much suffering in the world?’ An atheist tells me that and I can’t sleep at night, because it’s a good and valid point. But the truth is, you don’t have to be an atheist to say that, because Abraham and Moses also said it.”

See his full interview here.

Its slightly tongue in cheek, but it raises up some interesting questions… thoughts?


One thought on “How did you get here? Why do atheists exist?

  1. Very interesting interview. One of the highlights was when Rabbi Sacks talked about God’s love for us – how we should accept that he loves us all equally – that he doesn’t love those who are violent (e.g. Isis) *less* than us. Another highlight was his suggestion that we should export peace messages (using social media etc) rather than continually denouncing the violence done in the name of religion.
    Yes, we Christians have got it wrong many times in the past but as the Rabbi says – we are continually learning. We know that war and violence isn’t the answer.

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