Clearout Monday-taking the trash from the Temple at the start of Holy Week

Depending on which version of the Gospel you read, Jesus either went straight to the Temple (Matthew & Luke) after the triumphal approach and entry to Jerusalem that we celebrate on Palm Sunday, or he went there the next day (Mark). Or, if you look at John it would seem that Jesus went to the Temple 2yrs previously… but you have to remember that John’s Gospel has as many flashbacks as a Quentin Tarantino film…

Whether it was on the Sunday or the Monday, Jesus went to the Temple early in this week. He didn’t go up to the governors palace (as he might have done if he’d come to lead a rebellion) but to the Temple- if he was going to overthrow anything, it was the spiritual structures rather than the material government…

Since Monday Jesus has taught about generosity and compassion, has healed the blind and got into arguments with the authorities… and now tonight has celebrated the Passover meal with his close friends…

Its nearly midnight here, which I guess is about the time when Jesus and his friends had finished their meal and gone out for a walk… off to sit on the hillside looking over the city (except remembering that there was an additional population of 2million around Jerusalem for the Passover festival, so it was probably more like the campsites at Glastonbury than the idyllic olive grove that we often picture…).

And now, tonight, in the darkness, the betrayer will come, leading the soldiers to find Jesus away from the public, and they will take him for a sham trial with no defence permitted… and tomorrow they will kill him.

5 days, from King to criminal. A week is a long time in politics, and religion.



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