Happy April 1st! Poisson D’avril and other greetings!

I’ve no one to blame but myself… I married her, and I am their father.

So when I’m woken this morning by a persistent ‘Daddy, come and help me’ from a 2yr old, and a wife offering me a hot cup with the magic words ‘its after 8, did you enjoy your lie in’ (I had a morning off), I’m completely sucked in… within the next hour my coffee turns into tea, my sleeping children (and mysteriously my wife too…) are all asleep in the wrong beds, my cereal bowl has clingfilm on it and my spoon is stuck to the table. Oh, and yes, I get a paper fish stuck to my back just to make sure we’re properly continental.

I’m not sure where this idea of April Fool came from, much less the whole French thing about the fish (someone ask Wikipedia, but maybe not until tomorrow?), but it seems its not just in my household- a roundabout nearby is to have a makeover in honour of the town clerk and in other news a 1900yr old manuscript has just been translated to reveal the oldest Christian worship patterns and they look a lot like… wait a minute!

The only news update we haven’t had is the announcement from the Republican party in the US that one of the candidates has been pranking us all along… still, their clocks are a few hours behind mine.

On a personal note, today is the 4th anniversary of my current job- yes, I am an April Fool’s Day gift from the Bishop to the church I serve in, and I’m still trying to figure out exactly who the joke was on. Was it the bishop, the church or God who shenagled this? I often feel like I don’t know what I’m doing, and yet neither does anyone else. I’m called to this role and this place, but don’t feel competent. I spend much of my time wondering how much I’ve messed up recently, and then somehow something amazing comes along- did I plan for that? It’s like- I’m not really into cricket, but occasionally I feel like a fielder- sometimes its about being in the right place with a good plan, but very often its a reflex dive towards the floor that just might result in a shout of joy…

May your dives be good and your plans work out- and have a sense a humour for when someone else has plans for you!


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