Volcanoes and radiators- life as usual

Easter… It was two weeks ago now, and since then there’s been school holidays, church annual meetings, a family wedding, a funeral, a trip to the beach… and life carries on.

And that is the problem- somehow or other the events of Easter, which we proclaim as life universe changing don’t seem to always have an impact on the life that we live every day. Or maybe I’m looking too hard? Maybe I’m looking for volcanic eruptions of faith when in fact all around me are radiators. I want to see explosions and bangs and new islands appearing in the sea, but I’m missing out on the gradual warmth that brings life and support. And which is better?

I’m a big fan of enthusiasm, passion and commitment, but in order for commitment to endure it has to, well, last- it has to be more than a flash in the pan. And sometimes enthusiasm and passion, for all their noise and excitement just don’t, well, last. But equally low level commitment doesn’t always engage- it doesn’t get things going. Both are needed. The question is ‘which one needs to have priority in my life at the moment?’ Is today a persevering day or a partying day?

Have a think for yourself, have a look at your situation, have a pray about it, have a chat with someone you trust… and then act on it- because the one thing I’m sure of, is that today is a day for something rather than nothing.



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