Ready salted and shining like a star!

Yesterday we didn’t have a sermon in our main service… shock horror. Instead we figured one out ourselves- we had some crisps and breadsticks (as well as tortillas and rice cakes), candles, fairy lights and torches, a whole bunch of discussion and a reading from Matthew’s gospel where Jesus talks, yup, about salt and light…

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It was an amazing time, led by a wonderful woman of God, who put an immense amount of thought, prayer and effort into the service along with her team (and I know this because I watched her plan it during the previous two weeks). I may be biased, but I thought my wife rocked- there aren’t many occasions when joining in the prayer of confession and hearing the words of forgiveness brings me to tears, but it did yesterday.

So, if that’s what happened at the main shebang, what am I going to post? Well, fortunately we have the early morning service, and I got to share some thoughts with the folks there… so here they are, for once, something similar to what I said…

I came across an online discussion last week- someone had found something in their grandmother’s cupboard, in an unlabelled jar, which looked like salt… problem was that it didn’t really taste like salt and when used to make sauerkraut it ended up producing mouldykraut…

Salt is for preservation- for salting… it has purpose. It wasn’t just a bit of flavouring as we often use it today. If you tried to use some salt and it wasn’t salty, it was useless. Light is for seeing in the dark- to give light to people, so they can see, and move, and live without injuring themselves and others…

Jesus here says its ok for others to know about our deeds- but is very clear that the outcome of that should be that God is praised… when we do something that is good, we risk two traps- one is that we take any praise for ourselves- elsewhere in Matthew’s gospel there is a very clear judgment on this- that’s all the reward you’ll get… but there’s also the tendency towards dismissiveness, or self-deprecation- it was nothing, anybody would do the same… actually, not everybody would, and it was something… but if you know you’ve given to the poor, fed the hungry, housed the homeless, welcomed the stranger, stood up against injustice or healed the sick because Jesus has called you to follow him- because you are a disciple of Christ, then acknowledge it. When I was involved a number of years ago in a free café over at the Pilton Festival, the biggest problem we had were those serving explaining why it was free- those coming expected to pay, and we were often quite used to charging… and so it was quite something to say ‘actually this is free- it’s a gift, we’re giving this away as an act of compassion and generosity…’ in the end we made napkins with the text we wanted to say printed on them- the team could all give out a napkin and say ‘read what it says on there’… ‘This cake is a small expression of love, it was made and given for you by members of the local churches, as a tiny way of showing God’s love for you. If you’d like to know more, speak to one of the team’. In the first instance we were giving away cake- and not to those who were starving. However it was more than that.

When we run Mini music, Cake Club, the Youth Club, when we go to visit Park Lane Nursing home or to the schools, or any other outreach event, the purpose is always twofold- to respond to a need, but to show God’s love as we do so. When we have special collections for overseas or UK charities or give a portion of our annual giving, we do it to help, but also to show God’s love as we do so. Churches aren’t just money funnels or finance managing groups, just as much as they aren’t just cafés or nurseries, however the Church has been supporting those in financial need, those who’re hungry, those who need our practical help long before we ever started writing down our prayers and forms of worship. This is the tradition of the church, this is the fulfilment of the law of Moses- this is what it looks like to love our neighbour as ourselves.

As disciples we do this in our individual lives, and as the church we do it on a larger scale, and so on…

We encourage one another, we strengthen each others voices, we sharpen one another…

We spent some time praying that we’d be able to do this more in our lives, and so I guess that’d be my prayer for you too this week.


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