Every vote counts, or at least it can.

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Lovely people, I have a feeling that the next few months may get a bit political, and I don’t want to fall out with any friends. (in case you’re wondering, this is not the opening sentence to last week’s sermon).

This leaves two choices- a- don’t mention politics at all, or b- talk about politics without reservation, but remember to be informed and generous to people. So… It seems to me, from my position, that the austerity measures of our current government have not worked to reduce poverty, improve living conditions, help the elderly, fund the NHS or develop or education system. I don’t know what the gap between the top 10% and bottom 10% income in our country is like, but it doesn’t feel as though its shrinking (which is what austerity measures should result in).


I don’t know Corbyn, Farron or May really, and I don’t want to go through a referendum regarding the EU again. I want to live in a country that helps the needy more than it helps the rich, that does the ‘right thing’, simply because its the right thing, where our government reflects all that is good in our society rather than leaving us to fill in the holes and gaps that they choose to cut funding from. It feels as though our current government don’t feel that way- I may be wrong or misinformed, but that’s how it feels.

An example of why I feel this way would be the fact that business models with profitability etc are being imposed on schools and healthcare… its just the wrong way of measuring those things- education isn’t about profit, its about education, and it costs money… if you want to call it an investment ok, but the ‘payback’ will be in 20yrs time and it won’t come back to the school… A hospital similarly isn’t about profit, its about welfare of people and, you know… health care… if a department costs money but is needed, then its needed.

Anyway, I’m posting this because I feel that we need a change of government. In my fluffy wonderful dream world the ideal government would be left of labour and greener than green with the generous philanthropy of the best tories, but I recognise that isn’t going to happen this side of eternity. So what’s do be done? I came across an article on Huffingtonpost that is rather more strongly worded than I might choose, but links to this great spreadsheet, the point is this- if you’re unhappy with the current government and are wondering how to make your vote count in the forthcoming General Election, this is a very straightforward guide as to how to vote. You may not agree with tactical voting at all, but given the electoral system that we have it is a part of the process- our political parties are aware of it and pump funding and effort into swing seats.

Whoever ends up as our prime minister after the General Election it’ll be fascinating and they’ll be someone to watch- May as only the 2nd elected woman prime minister, Corbyn having been arrested for protesting against the government in his younger years, Farron as one of the youngest prime ministers in the last century… each of them will bring something and each will have faults, that much we can be sure of.


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