Mindfullness prayers

I’ve been thinking for some time about ideas around the psychology based practice of mindfulness, which seems to have roots in Buddhist practices, and how similar it is to contemplative Christian meditation- a form of prayer that many Christians practice week by week without necessarily giving it that name…

I’ve been looking at some writing about this that suggests that a distinctive difference is that rather than a self-emptying of one’s conscious mind in order to order your thinking (mindfulness with 1 ‘l’), its possible to clear and organise your thinking by orienting one’s conscious mind around God- reflecting on Scripture and the teachings of Jesus (mindfullness with 2 ‘l’s… the point being that your mind is full of God).

I’m going to be looking at this as a way of helping myself grow as a Christian, and also as a tool that can be used by those around me, and something that we can offer to the over-worked and stressed-out community of which we are part. If connecting with God can help me to navigate my days in a more purposeful and peace-filled manner, that sounds good to me. And yes, its unashamedly outreach- here is a way in which the Christian faith can help you every day.


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